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Over Anneke Schat

  • Anneke Schat
    Anneke Schat
  • Anneke books 2014

Since 1965

Ever since her successful start as an artist in 1965 Anneke Schat has created jewellery and paintings that radiate a sense of movement. Darting butterflies, grass flowing in the wind and the mysterious way of spiders have all inspired her work throughout the years.

From the late seventies she has incorporated Japanese calligraphy in her style. The elegant movement of the painting brush has influenced the expression of her jewellery as well as her painting. Just recently, Anneke has started making large steel sculptures that reflect a continuing development in her creativity.

Most of Anneke’s work has been on exhibition around Europe and abroad, with extended museum shows in Germany, Belgium, the United States and Japan. In recent years her exhibitions have centered around themes like ‘The Way of the Grass’ (1992), ‘Bridging the Wind’ (1994) and Sign of Satyridae (1995).

Among the prizes Anneke has won for her work are jury prizes in Tokyo and Germany and the Art Prize of her native village Ede. She has lectured about such diverse subjects as Nubian and Egyptian goldsmith’s art, the flora and fauna of Guatemala and the influence of comic books on her work.

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